Happy Freaky Friday! Lordy there are tapes! @realdonaldtrump wonders why he wasn’t warned about Mike Flynn?
And campaign, Congress contacted Flynn after he started cooperating with Mueller? Judge orders public release of what was said in call from Trump attorney.

@AOC highlights the issues/hypocrisy in our health care industry asking great questions of #gilead CEO Daniel O’Day.

Over half of ‘Mericans don’t want those “liberal skools teachin’ no Arabic numerals to our kids. Dammit, this is a Christian country!” #donchaknow

@FBI less than transparent on what #florida counties were hacked…but trust them, it wasn’t the voter tabulation systems..they pinkie swear it!

Oh, and Trump’s pick for ICE Director can tell who will eventually be MS-13 gang members, having only “looked at their eyes..”

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